Data Protection and Compliance Policy

WAF Technologies–General Terms of use and Conditions
WAF Technologies Complaints Procedure

At WAF Technologies we take data protection very seriously and we are transparent in who we share information with.

Our clients are very much important to us at WAF Technologies. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations every time; however there may be the very rare occasion where we may fall short in some way. If this happens by chance, we would want to know. WAF Technologies can reassure you that every complaint is taken very seriously and dealt in accordance with our internal complaints procedure, which is designed to resolve your concerns quickly and efficiently.

WAF Technologies prides itself only sourcing & generating data which has been legally generated through clear routes of opt-ins, where the opt-in was obtained there was a clear route and choice of opt out. All of the data we supply has been fully opted in through telephone verification.

How can one opt out from future calls dialed by WAF Technologies ?

Email – Simply email with your name and number that you do not want to receive any future calls and want to opt out.
Or +44 2032892892 and speak to one of the compliance associate and you can opt out.

How can one make a complaint?

Tel- +44 2032892892

What will happen after that?

You will receive an acknowledgment either in writing or by e-mail within 5 working days of receipt, which will identify the person who will be handling the complaint for the business, together with a copy of this complaints procedure within 8 weeks, after receipt of a complaint.

Note. We reserve the right to decline to consider a complaint which is made more than six months after the complainant became aware of the cause for the complaint.